We have tried to provide basic advice below to many of our frequently asked questions.

We are sure you will have more so please get in touch

What upload speed do we need to live stream?

The UPLOAD speed of you connection will dictate the picture quality of the video we stream for you. As an example, YouTube requires a minimum of 4 Mbps for HD transmission. Facebook requires 4.5Mbps. We always ask for 10MBps upload ideally.

How can I tell how fast my internet speed is?

Make sure you are using the connection that we will use on the day and ensure no one else is using it then go to and run the test. We suggest running it three times over a 30 minute period and you then need to let us know the results of the slowest UPLOAD speed.

Can we still go live without an internet at our venue?

Yes. We have built these particular streaming packages based on us keeping the costs down and using the venues internet connection but we provide a backup connection for all our live broadcasts using any available 4G.

Is there a limit to the duration of the broadcast?

It will depend on the platform you are broadcasting to. Facebook currently allows for 8 Hours of streaming and YouTube allows for 24/7 streaming but will only record 4 Hours of DVR as a maximum. Our longest stream so far has been a whopping 17 hours...

Can we have music on our stream?

All music will need to be cleared for use unless it's your own original music. Sites like YouTube and Facebook now block and remove DVR recording for rights violations. Speak to our team if you have any concerns over this as we do have other options.